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tricolor thank you

Hot off the press is this feminine, clean and simple notecard of gratitude. It's straight to the point, understated and elegantly designed by the chic tastemaker and designer Emma Dime. On the back side of the card, we printed her personal info with white ink for a clever detail.

I love these cards! I'd love to see one complete with a handwritten note.

Greylin: business cards

Here are some final pictures from the latest completed job. 1000 cards complete and done!

Lessons learned:

  • Cutting is crucial
  • Measure 4 times, cut once.
  • Get more plates. It's worth it.
  • I need a better paper cutter. 
  • Double sided is harder than it looks


  • 220 Lettra, Flourescent white paper
  • Double -sided with blind chevron deboss
  • Design by Angie Choi at Greylin