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Ashley Donohue's Business Cards

Well done business cards are an investment and you want to get done right. Interior Designer, Ashley Donohue, first came with a handful of color swatches to choose from. Instead of choosing one scheme to print, we chose them all! The trio of colors worked so well together. Put two creatives together (imagine us on the phone going back and forth on color + finishes), and this is what happens. We couldn't decide on only one.

During production, the logo side was originally slated for white ink on colored paper. The teal colored card shows this original idea with a silver - white foil with a subtle metallic sheen. For the other cards, we selected foils in a similar tone as the paper to match the dusty rose + marigold colors. The information side of the card has both a blind debossed logo + info in the coordinating ink. Both side were mounted together to make a sturdy card, about 200#, not too thick.

We went the extra mile for Ashley and the outcome is an inseparable trio of cards.

Ode to Stillness

Stillness is the ground of being from which all else emerges.
It is within and behind every breath, every thought, every action.
It is my starting point, my resting place, the home base to which I can return again and again.

In stillness I notice how time and space disappear.
All there is is the present moment and my willingness to allow the stillness to speak

The stillness takes me into the realm of conscious awareness that transcends my identity as body or mind. Stillness offers an experience of being and a recognition that my a part of all Being, all Essence.

From an interview with Eileen Fisher
This excerpt is from Meditation and Rituals for Conscious Living by Nancy J. Napier & Carolyn Triconi

IT House business cards

I've seen quite a bit of business cards over the years. Once in a while, a unique design will stop me in my tracks. When I open a file, I can typically see how to print the design right away. IT House's design made me pause which I hope will happen when someone receives this business card.

There's a play with texture. We create two versions in case the knockout of the letterpress didn't know and we pressed lines and the squares creating a design you can almost touch when you see it. To help the blind design pop, we added a touch of transparent ink. We foil stamped the information and mounted two sheets of Colorplan 130# for an extra luxe card.

Colorplan: Marrs (not Mars) Green

<< volume up >>
Music and paper pulp collide with color. 

This paper line is used often here at the studio. What an interesting behind-the-scenes look to how this paper is made. Now, where can I my hands on some Marrs Green? I'm already imagining foil stamping on that rich green.

This is us on Loeffler Randall


It's rare we get photographed together.

I'm a letterpress printer.
He's a car designer.
I suppose you can call us a creative couple.

This past Valentine's Day Loeffler Randall featured us on their blog as a Creative Couple. I never really thought that we could be packaged together since our disciplines are like a Venn Diagram. Letterpress over here on the left. Industrial Design on the right and our personal lives are the blend of both circles in between.  

I work solo while his work requires an army of creative forces. I work in print and paper while he can observe designs created in VR environments. We're on complete opposites of the design spectrum. Analog here and digital over there. But at the end of the day, I show him prints I'm currently working and he shows me phone pics of automotive related designs his team are working on. We get excited about each other's work.


I was going down memory lane while answering their questionnaire - we built a home together, a process that lasted five years; spent our engagement year living abroad in Germany; I started a small business (woohoo Presshaus LA!) and he's now heading up design at an automotive startup. Although we've been married for 5 years, a period of time that seemingly feels short and long at the same time, we've got a lot under our belts. 

The photos feature not just our story also LR's HEARTLA heart sandals. Although the pictures were taken on a rainy LA day, Nicki Sebastian the photographer behind these images,  did her magic to make these images bright and sunny No rain + puddles shown!

There are more pictures and more questions answered on the LR page. Take a look.


And here are the HEARTLA Loeffler Randall shoes

And here are the HEARTLA Loeffler Randall shoes

Bagel, my camera-ready furry girl!

Bagel, my camera-ready furry girl!

The spread of prints in the studio

The spread of prints in the studio

Studio moodboard of inspiration + previous print projects

Studio moodboard of inspiration + previous print projects

Special thanks to Loeffler Randall + Alex Yeske
All photos by Nicki Sebastian

Thank you, Nicki, for making that rainy day look bright and for your ease of being in front of a camera.