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IT House business cards

I've seen quite a bit of business cards over the years. Once in a while, a unique design will stop me in my tracks. When I open a file, I can typically see how to print the design right away. IT House's design made me pause which I hope will happen when someone receives this business card.

There's a play with texture. We create two versions in case the knockout of the letterpress didn't know and we pressed lines and the squares creating a design you can almost touch when you see it. To help the blind design pop, we added a touch of transparent ink. We foil stamped the information and mounted two sheets of Colorplan 130# for an extra luxe card.

new year, new cards


• married my number one fan who believes in me the most

• started to build the upper level of the haus

• launched Presshaus LA + featured in the Vandercook 100 book and on Emma Dime's lovely lady

• witnessed 4 weddings was even a bridesmaid in one of them

• adopted our dog Bagel


• finish the haus

• grow Presshaus LA with more prints, more challenges and new friends

• create an in-house line of cards and paper goods

• cook more (I hardly did any this past year) and plant more. With the house almost done, there'll be lots of landscaping to work on.

• love more. work on being there for my husband and for family.

The Pomegranate Wedding

Emma and Yosi have a thing for pomegranates.

Sara Jensen is quite the pomegranate design specialist. She's a mommy and a witty graphic designer that has done some textile design using pomegranates as a source of inspiration. (Check it out here) Naturally, she designed an awesome invitation suite! It's not shown here, but the finished invitation will be wrapped in that pomegranate fabric tying the entire look together.


The lovely couple also gave me the chance to try out my hand in calligraphy. I hand scribed nearly 100 addressed envelopes with white ink in one day! Yes, my hand was almost about to fall off by the end of it but I saw improvements already from the first envelopes to the last. Practice makes perfect.

Special thanks to the Emma and Yosi for giving me the chance to work with them on their wedding suite, and to Sara for finding me and for making the introduction. It was such a fun process to work on this project not just because of the design ,but because of the people too.