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When there's not enough time to letterpress print something, there might still be time to create something just as beautiful and effective. Last month we created these minimal cards for an intimate dinner hosted by ALC. gathering about a dozen influential women from different industries.
They needed some quick paper goods and within 2 days and we design and printed these cards to help set the tone for the event. They were printed digitally and we chose a paper stock called Plike which has a silk touch coating to help capture the tactile essence of a print.

The quote they chose says it all -

3.52 billion women in the world and here we are together

individual medley

It's now way past the holiday season but I promise Individual Medley, a boutique store filled with curated designer goods in Atwater Village, got these gift certificated before the rush. I just forgot to make space for them here online.

Here they are. Just like that.

If you're in the area, take the time to drop in and check out their stuff. They have something for everyone even kids!

Individual Medley
3176 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles 90039

Sagency: business cards

It's been a while since a decent batch of business cards. These cards for Sagency, a New York and Berlin based consulting company, tuend out great. They wanted bright and they got BRIGHT!

On screen, the design looked pretty easy but honestly, it took me a while to source the neon purple ink and 4 tries to get the perfect edge paint color. My first pass was too pink and the other test turned out too dark purple. It was harder than I thought!

I'm happy post this set of hard-earned cards.

Design by: Emma Robertson
Printed on #220 Lettra, 2/2 color with edge paint