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Alexander Graham Bell



A wedding invitation is usually the first decision a couple makes that so publicly reflects their taste and the tenor of their wedding. At best, invitations should infer a sense of elegance and originality. At worst, they can look like a mere afterthought.

- Vera Wang



When there's not enough time to letterpress print something, there might still be time to create something just as beautiful and effective. Last month we created these minimal cards for an intimate dinner hosted by ALC. gathering about a dozen influential women from different industries.
They needed some quick paper goods and within 2 days and we design and printed these cards to help set the tone for the event. They were printed digitally and we chose a paper stock called Plike which has a silk touch coating to help capture the tactile essence of a print.

The quote they chose says it all -

3.52 billion women in the world and here we are together

Moth Collective

by Moth Collective, an animation + illustration studio

Beyond the story, this animation short inspired me with color, style, and movement. Every scene could've been a still art print. Take a minute (or few) to watch this story about a mother's coat.

They also have another video up on NY Times' Modern Love column in a similar styling.

Nuhr Studio x Presshaus LA mini video

It's nerve racking to print in front of the designer and a camera. Cue the sweaty palms and nervous giggles.

Andrea of Nuhr Studio first approached me about printing her business cards, and along the way it morphed into this video of documenting the process of letterpress printing her cards in this short clip she shot and edited. She captured beautifully the start of the process with graphic designer, Maria of Grafikisto, from selecting the paper, mixing the ink, printing on the press and cutting. They made the day incredibly easy and fun so that moments in my nerves calmed and the anxiety subsided, and then it felt like a hang out with two fellow creative ladies. 

The studio has come an incredibly long way since the first video of Presshaus LA made two years ago. Since then, we added two more presses making the total count of three, filled the studio with more furniture, learned a ton more about printing and even hired some help.
ooking back, it's been quite a journey.

Thank you for your time and talent Andrea!! Check out more of her videos (the surfboard and bakery videos are my favorite) on her website.
More on Nuhr Studio branding and identity by Grafikisto here.