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Ashley Donohue's Business Cards

Well done business cards are an investment and you want to get done right. Interior Designer, Ashley Donohue, first came with a handful of color swatches to choose from. Instead of choosing one scheme to print, we chose them all! The trio of colors worked so well together. Put two creatives together (imagine us on the phone going back and forth on color + finishes), and this is what happens. We couldn't decide on only one.

During production, the logo side was originally slated for white ink on colored paper. The teal colored card shows this original idea with a silver - white foil with a subtle metallic sheen. For the other cards, we selected foils in a similar tone as the paper to match the dusty rose + marigold colors. The information side of the card has both a blind debossed logo + info in the coordinating ink. Both side were mounted together to make a sturdy card, about 200#, not too thick.

We went the extra mile for Ashley and the outcome is an inseparable trio of cards.