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Out of a tee shirt and into the Essential Blouse

I'm hanging up the apron for this and there are no inky finger tips on this post. Letterpress and paper aside, I'm so flattered and honored to be a part of this special collaboration. Jessica Comingore is launching the start of her new shop called The Essentials with this lovely blouse made in collaboration with LA fashion designer Jill Yee. I've seen tidbits of the creative process that went into creating this blouse and have even tried on an early prototypes; I can say it's tough creating a beautiful garment. The cut, the flow and feel of the fabric, the finish of the seams and ends have all been refined by Jill and Jessica together to create this essential blouse.

Big thanks for transforming me into a sophisticated and chic woman for an afternoon.  xo

Here's a video of their collaboration by John Liwag