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DesignhunterLA: business cards

Here's the latest set of business cards printed for DesignhunterLA just in time for the Create/ Cultivate event that happened this past weekend. It was a rushed job but I think we nailed it just in time!

• Design by Ann-Marie Morris
• 1/1 color (gold and grey)
• seafoam green edge paint
• 220# Lettra - fluorescent white

fresh off the press: alison brislin

Just finished this batch of business cards for the talented Alison Brislin in time for the Cream Event that happened this past Sunday.

These simple black and white, square business cards were designed by Kate Miss.

I can't braid my hair if my life depended on it. Thank goodness for Alison's amazing hair braiding skills. Did I mention she's a stylist too?

Alison's business cards

Alison's business cards


Holidays are here in full effect but lately the prints coming off the press have nothing to do with holiday cheer. This last push of cards have one thing in common- they're all square. 2x2 squares!  I'm so pleased with how these cards came and nearly through with seeing squares that I'm ready to print some cheesy holiday prints. If I don't do them now, then PresshausLA cards will never make it out in time.

Clockwise starting from top left:

it's emma dime time!

She's my neighbor it turns out. We met on Inker Linker, a hip directory of all the cool kids in the print business. Tastemaker Emma Dime was looking for a local presser and little did she know how local. Turns out we live on the same street. She walked over to take a look at the press and rest is history.

Kismet I say. Kismet.

Here are here cards on 220 Lettra with painted edges. It seems like there's no info on them but the backside will have her info stamped on. I took care of the front side.