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as above so below // gems + business cards

At this point, I can say that I've printed business cards for a pretty wide range of creative types, but I've never met a client like this one I'm about to present.

Azalea Lee is not a paper person. It's just not her thing. Instead, ask her about mineral, gems, stones and she can go on for days. This is Azalea's element (pun intended). With her sleeves rolled up, she mines for each stone, brings them to a cutter coaxing out each stone's unique characteristic, and uses them for healings, sells them in their beautiful natural state and even makes jewerly from smaller pieces.

After printing her business cards, I hand delivered them during a family & friends pre-sale event and it wasn't until then that I understood her craft. I had no expectations during our first meeting, but was completely inspired by her passion and for showing me the beauty of these gems. It still astounds me that these rocks come from the earth just like this. 

                                the spread of gems

                                the spread of gems

                                my pyrite rock

                                my pyrite rock

I picked up a sizable rock of pyrite (aka fool's gold) and it now shimmers in the center of my studio table. It's not only pretty to look at, but it helps increase energy, manage projects, and brings prosperity.  Exacly what I need.

Fascinated? Me too. Visit them here.


The specs:

  • 220# Lettra, fluorescent white
  • 2/0 colors (blind deboss + black)
  • silver edge paint