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We're in Refinery 29's latest biz card round up

I'm back in town and am a little late to share this. The story was posted while on vacation in Japan. I'm super pleased to be included once more in Refinery 29's selection of "30 Ultra-Creative Business Cards For A Killer First Impression." With a headline like that, making the cut sort of feels like receiving an award.  Ahem...I'd like to thank my clients for having me print these and my assistant for her helping hand. This wouldn't be possible without you. And thank you Refinery 29!" 

We were able to sneak in more than one entry for this slideshow and actually got 5 business cards we did on there. 5 out of 30 cool ones! Now that's a good day at the office!

You'll see cards for:

It's truly flattering to be among some amazing designers and fellow printers in Los Angeles. As small as a business card may be, it's assuring to know that there are still folks out there that appreciate a dang, good business card. Cheers!