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CD Case: Caroline Tran

This was a fun project outside the usual scope of letterpress. Usually letterpress and wedding go together, but here, letterpress with the talented wedding photographer Caroline Tran coalesce for a special project, a customized CD sleeve almost too nice to give away. Even I had a hard time parting with them.

The specs:

  • 220 Lettra paper
  • Edge painted
  • 1 color with blind debossing
  • sealed with a vellum band with the same quilt printed on white ink. (The ink sheen on the vellum is one of my favorite subtleties. You can hardly notice it but it's there.)

sneak peek: CD sleeve

This is no ordinary CD sleeve that you buy at an office supply shop. This project in the works is for a local wedding photographer. I'm guessing this sleeve with a disk of photos will be what she gives to her clients after a shoot. I'm hoping the finished product will have that instant "wow" factor. Caroline approached me with the idea and I couldn't resist. Who thinks of letterpressing a CD sleeve? It's a great idea and I've never seen it done. Maybe it'll be a new trend in the wedding scene. 

It's got a long way to go. It needs 2 more runs through the Vandercook, and soon after I'll be scoring and folding. Almost there...I think. There will be pictures posted as soon as it's complete