Presshaus LA
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design + letterpress printing in Los Angeles, California

two thousand twelve: new year, new beginnings

The holidays seemed like they were shoved under the rug. It came and went. Since being back from Munich, I've been unpacking bags and boxes in our LA home, rediscovering all the things I left behind for a year. It's been too long.
It feels like summer here. Another reason why the holidays never felt like the holiday season. I'm not complaining that I'm able to wear skirts and sandals right now.
Feels good to me back in my hometown.
Presshaus LA will be a new project filled with unexpected surprises and challenges.

Here a few letterpress materials I've been able to hunt down in the past few weeks with the help of my resourceful and crazy fiancé.

presshaus_10 presshaus_21 presshaus_19 presshaus_09 presshaus_20