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robin + johanna are married!

Congratulations to Robin and Johanna!!

Upon arrival to our hotel, we were given a tote full of goodies at check-in by the bride and groom. So clever and sneaky!

Upon arrival to our hotel, we were given a tote full of goodies at check-in by the bride and groom. So clever and sneaky!

I love weddings but this one was extra special in so many ways. Not only were they friends of ours, but they bestowed the honor of creating their wedding invitations and day-of goods and plus the wedding was in HAWAII!

During the time preparing for their wedding date, I got to know them more as a couple. Their excitement excited us too so much that the anticipation was really starting to build up for a long weekend getaway trip to Oahu.

Robin and Johanna are such a fun and loving couple, and the easiest to work with for pulling off an amazing destination wedding! She wanted a bright and colorful wedding with a modern twist, and he wanted one thing- spam musubis! We captured both in their wedding suite and saw it all come together at their beachside wedding at a private villa in Laie, a city about an hour away from Waikiki Beach.

They wed on the sand just feet from the clear waters with their best friend officiating their nuptials and one of their groomsmen serenading the guests with a rendition of the Hawaiian Wedding song on his ukelele.

They served local Hawaiian food for dinner and even had a dessert table by Ted's Bakery with chocolate haupia pie, white chocolate macadamia cream pie, pumpkin haupia pie, and more. 

After dinner and dancing, we headed out the beach and set paper lanterns aglow and watched them sail away in the sky. It was a beautiful highlight to the evening and one of the most memorable moments of the entire wedding.

Handmade party favors by the bride

Handmade party favors by the bride

spam musubi snacks for cocktail hour

spam musubi snacks for cocktail hour

First "selfie" as a married man! 

First "selfie" as a married man! 

Presshaus LA signs at the dessert table.

Presshaus LA signs at the dessert table.

one of my favorite photos of me + my mister.

one of my favorite photos of me + my mister.

robin & johanna's wedding suite

Robin and Johanna let me run with it. Basically, they trusted me to create their wedding invitations.

Some background- my husband has been long time friends with Robin, and since we've been together, I've had the pleasure of knowing them before the process of creating wedding invitations. We knew them before they were even engaged!

With a ring on her finger now, Johanna asked me if I could help with her invitations. She had a few things on the prerequisites- colorful and bright with watercolors, not formal and one more thing- could you incorporate spam musubis? 
**Record scratch**  
Come again? A wedding invitation with Spam Musubi, the Hawaiian snack food with meat from a can

Luckily, Richard and I had planned a trip to Hawaii to do some real R&D. We were on a mission to taste the hype around these musubis. You see, this couple are foodies. Whenever they like something, you know it's going to be good and they go beyond the restaurant and even learn how make it at home. They're those folks. 

Maybe it was the vacation effect, the beach only feet away, and the shining sun but man, those musubis from Iyasume were amazing! I was sold. We ate them almost everyday after that.

We came back inspired. We knew the magic of the spam musubi and knew the exact vibe they wanted for their invitation. Since this snack is so simple, we wanted to make a recipe as a bonus keepsake.

We played with watercolors on the side too. The Lettra paper holds up pretty well. Doesn't buckle too much but it really absorbs fast. We thought it would be cute too to keep the food illustrations for the RSVP card. A California roll seemed appropriate for their California reception party.

Only Robin and Johanna would have a one of a kind, colorful wedding invitation with spam musubis. I'm so pleased they're happy with how these turned out!

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