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P.S. I Made This + Presshaus LA

We're mixing things up this Valentine's Day!!

Instead of the usual line up of beautiful letterpress Valentine's Day cards, we've teamed up with P.S. I Made This to create a super easy way to make your own very Presshaus-y card without the greasy and oversize letterpress machine. Erica Domesek, the founder of P.S. I Made This and innovator behind the concept of  "I see it. I like it. I make it." came in the studio for a visit and to see what we could come up with.

Together we wanted to create something easy, chic and sophisticated, but we knew that it would be impossible to incorporate actual letterpress. Put the glitter away. Don't even bother with the glue gun or the fancy paper punches. We're busting out the gold leaf which is relatively easy to find at a local craft store and should cost about $10-$15 for a few sheets.

All you need is 4 things:
• glue stick
• cardstock
• gold and/or copper leaf
• a medium firm brush to dust off excess leaf


Take a look at their inspiration collage and quick how-to on their website on how to create your card.

Below are some designs I made in the studio using papers I already had on-hand. I'm a fan of neutrals and kept it simple with greys and nudes to the let the metallic shine sing. The jagged edges of the leaf really bring out the look of a hand-lettered premium foil-stamped card. 

This how I started with paper. I was nonstop making cards and paper goods for special occassions. Go ahead, roll up your sleeves and create something for your special someone. Have some fun with personalizations, monograms or special love-bug messages.