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Hawaii in February

My mister and I are were overdue for vacation. Sure. we spent all of 2011 in Germany but it wasn't vacation. Since we got married last February, we haven't boarded a plane and have spent all of our time in LA.

Our 1 year anniversary was creeping up and our loving moms generously gifted to us a vacation in Hawaii as our anniversary / belated honeymoon. We're so blessed and thankful.

After barely packing, we boarded the plane and we knew that was it. We were leaving LA to escape it all. No stress about prints, clients, work, traffic and the other daily ghosts that follow us in a normal day.

Off the plane and in tropical landscapes the place grew on us quick. We ate, lounged, ate some more, lay lazy in hammocks on the beach. We even went horseback riding in North Shore, saw whales from a catamaran and earned our Hawaiian Tropic tans. Everyday, I started the day by eating a chocolate covered macadamia and thought in my head "it's vacation!" 

Hawaii never loses it's tropical charm. It's an easy escape and you can't help but fall into the island ways.