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Colorplan: Marrs (not Mars) Green

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Music and paper pulp collide with color. 

This paper line is used often here at the studio. What an interesting behind-the-scenes look to how this paper is made. Now, where can I my hands on some Marrs Green? I'm already imagining foil stamping on that rich green.

studio on fire

It's fun to watch letterpress videos even if it's a 30 second clip of a windmill press in action. This one is gold. I'm a h u g e fan of Studio on Fire, a letterpress + design workspace in Minneapolis. This video of owner Ben Levitz sums down the entire process of letterpress printing to a tee. He walks you through the platemaking procedures, the printing process (the fun stuff) and even peeves. Spare a few more moments to delve into this esteemed studio.

a foil stamping workroom

Here are some behind-the-scenes look into a foil stamping shop in Los Angeles that has been in business for over 50 years. There's nothing cute and frilly about this place. No cute papers and design oriented trinkets. It's all down to business here- machines, stacks of paper, untidy corners, and rolls of foil.  Honestly, I didn't know very much about the process until I had this opportunity to hang out, snap some photos and shop talk.