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park baker & sons

This client is exactly why I love meeting clients in person. Sure, in the beginning you typically go back and forth with emails but eventually, I meeting in person is the best way of doing least for me.

Alice works the same way. She'd rather press skin than do the email tag game. She stopped by the studio and right there and then, we chose the paper and designed her layout while she art directed over my shoulder. She told me about her vision for her new bakery shop in LA's Mar Vista area called Park Baker & Sons.

We met up to deliver her cards at the Fairfax Farmers Market and we chatted about food, cooking, bread in Germany, cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables and of couse, baking. It was so inspiring to listen to someone so enthusiastic about their craft. While I was ranting about paper, she was going on about baking and food. It's so important and infectious to meet other "rule-breakers" that are really into what they do, and to hear their journey on how they got to where they are now.

Yes, it was a pleasure to meet Alice.

Park Baker & Son's website