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a desert wedding / kaitlyn & brian

The other weekend, I escaped LA and picked up my mom on the way to a family-friend wedding in Palm Springs. Not sure why it took so long to get me there. I've been missing out! I've heard all about it and it's vacation-y qualities and it's amazing architecture. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "you have to go!" and "omg, you've haven't been?!"

Yes, this was my first time in Palm Springs and it was a memorable first time.

It was for a very good reason- a beautiful and memorable desert wedding set in Le Haut Desert Aerie in Pioneertown. It's about 35 minutes away from the heart of Palm Springs and away from it all. There wasn't even cell reception here. All that stands there is a Moroccan styled retreat in the vast desert.

We drove about a mile of dirt road off the pave street and my mom kept beckoning, "Is this the right way? Are you sure?" This place is really off the grid.

Our heels had a little bit of desert of dirt but who cares. No one was complaining. Everyone was a little sweaty but smiling in awe of the occasion and the scenery.



The ceremony was sweet and picturesque. Just look at that wedding canopy and the backdrop. The words were so sweet. No one tells you this, but at each wedding after getting married, it reminds you of your own vows and takes you to that exact moment somehow paralleling your wedding day with this one. It's new to me. I cried a little. 


The bride wore her aunt's wedding dress. A very personal touch to the family. The aunt is so close and nearly another mom. I would've never guessed it was from another decade! 


The bride and family had been planning this day for a year and pre-planned the floral arrangements, anticipating desert heat of course, and planted succulents in silver ware they had been thrifting at flea markets. So clever and so beautiful!


My sister writing a sweet message. Yes, she has one Mondrian nail. 


Isn't the Father of the Bride so stylish?
Check out this schnazzy couple who so politely let me snap their photo. Naturals! 


And at last, the desert nighttime view that when you look beyond it reminds you of how small you are in this world, but when you turn around and see friends and loved ones  celebrating it's easy to feel comfortable and to ease back into the moment.
Congratulations K + B!

xo // ~k