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Rain = muddy Bagel

Can you blame this dirty face? 

It's been raining here these past few days and Bagel's been stuck inside most of the time. Right outside our house, we don't have much landscaping, just dirt and gangly wild growth,  so a little rain will make a muddy mess.

I thought we went out fot a tinkle but instead she wanted to come back inside looking like this! I had to snap a photo to share and at least show my husband!!

meet bagel, the new mascot!
on the day I got her

on the day I got her

This is our new puppy Bagel!

My husband and I have gone back and forth on this for weeks. We're newlyweds still, even though it doesn't feel like it. We're 6 months in, all settled in with zero chances of having to go back to Munich again

One day on the way back from errands, I stopped by a local shelter "just to look." I had never been to a shelter before, and I've been told that it can quite emotional. It was. It pulls on your heartstrings. I wanted all the dogs there. Still with my "just looking" attitude, I took my husband with me this time the North Central Shelter and saw a lonely little pup by herself. She was quiet, mellow and  her nose and paws reached from under the gate. She was a cutie but I didn't want her puppy cute to get me.

After two more shelters, we talked ourselves into it. I went over to get her but she wasn't there. She has been transferred. After waiting 3 more days, I finally filled out the papers and got her from the West LA shelter and went straight to the pet store.

Now 3 weeks in, getting a dog changes your life. Not only do we have poopie bags in the car and in my purse, but we spend more time outside, restaurants are now picked based on whether they're pet-friendly, and most of all, this new feeling of guilt for being out too long. It's a lot of work but it's worth it! 

About Bagel:

She's a 4 month old RatTerrier mix. She knows how to sit, shake, lay down. She's a little jumpy in dark places and she likes to bark at the early bird construction workers. Her favorite place to be rubbed is on her belly.