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Chelsey Dyer's calendar printed by PresshausLA.  Find them here.

Chelsey Dyer's calendar printed by PresshausLA. Find them here.

Happy new year!

It's the first day back in the studio.
The winter break has given be some time off to reflect and to just enjoy my time with beloved friends and family, eat my favorite things and watch lots of movies.  I hope you did the same too.

These recent days, I've thinking about Presshaus LA and it's direction because with each passing year brings to new projects, new people and challenges. The challenges have been not only with how to print and execute a certain print job, but there are other hurdles like time management, delegating, being a good boss, knowing when to not overload my plate; you get it.

This year I want to start a line of my own paper goods - design and production all Presshaus LA-  but that means slowing down a few things on the bespoke end. I'll be taking on less commissioned projects to allow focus on a few projects that have been brewing. Especially in 2014, I've found myself delving head first into collaborative prints with fellow creatives who were just as passionate about their craft as I am with mine and together the end resulted in an amazing print with huge fulfillment. I'd like to continue this same essence and create beautiful paper goods with all this amassed printing know-how.

It'll be tough breaking habits and heading toward this unknown since client work is mostly what I do, but I'm willing to take a risk. Bring on the new challenges of creating designs (client-less ones), producing them and we'll see from there.

Thanks for following along although these posts are all too sparse. This will change in the future. I hope you'll tag along to see what comes in the new year.

To all good things,