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Melrose and Fairfax

Yesterday a good friend and I perused the fairfax flea market for vintage finds. You'll see fashionistas looking for cheap outfits, families wandering around for a day out, scroungers looking for that perfect mid century furnishing and avid music lovers flipping through vinyls. For me, I was there just to be there soaking up all of LA and its forementioned personalities in the wonderment of "vintage" things. That word is so relative these days.

I did stumble on a table with letters and brass or copper etched blocks. I stood there for a while reading the inverted blocks and it took me to another time period. These were logos and blocks for stationery logos on paper. I can imagine them on correspondence envelopes and on invoices. Did I buy it? Nope. Too overpriced, dumb vintage hunters. It was a nice flea market thrill.